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About Our History

33 Years of Experience

Organization's Policies

Implement The Policy

On the guidelines of Globalization, Internationalization, Competitiveness, Information Technology, Team and Alliance

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Based on professional ethics and responsibility to customers and society

Manage and Control

Manage and control the risks in the business operation, strengthening on personnel, technical, academic aspects, performance system and work quality


Our company is confident that the key factors which enable the organization to achieve its goals are good personnel, services, operational system and quality control in order to present quality service and value with wide acceptance. Therefore, our company provides a clear, comprehensive quality control system that suits the environment, situation, risk, customers, services and professional and legal requirements.

The quality control process is a key tool to control the operation to be in line with the standards of the profession. It can present the work or appropriate reports of value and recognition in both firm and work levels. In addition, having good code of conduct and ethics will enhance the operation to achieve higher quality and value.

For audit, review, other assurance and other related services, our company has upheld the practice of quality control in accordance with Thailand Standard on Quality Control (TSQC1), which is the standard adhered and performed by our company and auditors.

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If you have any audit enquiries in your company, please contact us.

About Us

Dharmniti Auditing Co.,Ltd. is a professional service company that specializes in auditing and assurance service.

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